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Guide for Authors

Ohjeet kirjoittajalle / Guide för författare

This blog presents current research findings from all fields of radiography once a month. The goal is to make radiography research more familiar for students and professionals using Finnish, Swedish or English. You may write about your own research (e.g. thesis/dissertation or other research) or demonstrate new research by creating a compact review on research made by others. Send your manuscript to If your text includes images, send them as separate files, not embedded in the manuscript. The editorial board of the blog will make decision on publication and helps with formatting your text. The editorial board is the committee of the Finnish Society of Radiography Research.

Title: Give your manuscript an interesting title, that encourages to read it. Use subtitles to split your text into meaningful sections.

Text: Your manuscript should be organised and focus on one essential theme. For example, if you are presenting your thesis, bring up one focus area instead of trying to condense the full work. There is no exact word limit, but try to be concise. Write your manuscript in a way that it’s easy to scan through even using a mobile device. Avoid long and complex sentences.

Images: You may use images to spark interest and to allure readers. Remember that you may only use images that you have right to use or that are public domain. You may also visualise your text with charts and figures. Send images as separate files.

Keywords: Select 3-5 keywords to describe the content of your manuscript. Keywords will help potential readers to find your text. It’s recommended to use keywords that you think your readers might use to search this content online.

Author information: Write your name, your professional title and some interesting fact about yourself in the end of the manuscript. (E.g. ”Jane Doe works as a radiographer and is focused especially on developing patient experience.”)

References: In the end of your manuscript add the list of references that lists all sources that you are referring to in your text. If you are presenting your thesis, include only the most essential references (max. five). In-text references are not used to provide a smooth reading experience. References are formatted as:

  • Author(s) (last name and initial of first name), use comma between authors
  • The year of publication in parenthesis
  • Title of the article/book
  • Journals: Name and issue, Books: Publisher location and publisher, Online: URL and the date of access

After the publication remember to advertise your text on different platforms to get more readers!